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Boundary surveys are surveys made to establish or reestablish property boundary lines upon the ground or to obtain data for making a map showing boundary lines. These surveys include residential lots, commercial property, and large acreage tracts.


Topographic Surveys are used for determining the configuration of the earth’s surface and the location of physical objects..


Surveys dividing undeveloped areas of land into blocks, lots, streets, parks, etc., in conformance with governing ordinances. This procedure includes platting and other divisions not exempt from subdivision ordinances.


These are surveys made for lending or insuring agencies to evaluate title problems, if any, relating to actual occupation and possession.

Construction Staking

Construction surveys are survey measurements on a construction project to control position, dimensions, and configuration.

Mark Lines

Mark property lines for purposes such as fence construction, landscaping or other projects.

Flood Elevation Certificate

Utilizing FEMA forms, we can establish flood information on individual lots.