Land Surveying includes services such as analysis and utilization of survey data, subdivision planning and design, writing legal descriptions, mapping, construction layout, and precision measurements of angle, elevation, length, area, and volume.


Boundary surveys are surveys made to establish or reestablish property boundary lines upon the ground or to obtain data for making a map showing boundary lines. These surveys include residential lots, commercial property, and large acreage tracts.


Topographic Surveys are used for determining the configuration of the earth’s surface and the location of physical objects


Surveys dividing undeveloped areas of land into blocks, lots, streets, parks, etc., in conformance with governing ordinances. This procedure includes platting and other divisions not exempt from subdivision ordinances.


These are surveys made for lending or insuring agencies to evaluate title problems, if any, relating to actual occupation and possession.

Construction Staking

Construction surveys are survey measurements on a construction project to control position, dimensions, and configuration.


Mark Line

Mark property lines for purposes such as fence construction, landscaping or other projects.

Flood Elevation Certificate

Utilizing FEMA forms, we can establish flood information on individual lots.

FEMA – Standard Flood Hazard Determine FormsFederal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Portal

Different Types of Land Surveys

While most people think of land surveys in the most basic sense—that is, the drawing of the boundaries of a property—there are actually many different ways of surveying that service many different industries. Property surveys are a large part of the business, but...

Heat Related Illnesses

     Heat Exhaustion VS. Heat Stroke   Heat Exhaustion vs Heatstroke: Symptoms & Treatment                                 It’s usually during a heatwave that we talk about staying hydrated and taking precautions to avoid having a heatstroke. It can happen...

Guide To Boundary Surveys

A Homeowner’s Guide to Boundary SurveysProtecting your investment with the services of a licensed Land Surveyor WHEN PURCHASING A HOME A home is usually the biggest investment of your life, and only a Professional Land Surveyor can determine the boundaries of...
Community Resources to Aid Flood Damage

Community Resources to Aid Flood Damage

As South Carolina residents continue to recover from the historic flood they endured there are resources for receiving help or lending a hand. WLTX put together the resource guide linked below to help. They are updating it with new information as they receive it....
SC Public Radio Segment on the SC Boundary Program Oct 28

SC Public Radio Segment on the SC Boundary Program Oct 28

South Carolina Public Radio will be presenting a segment tomorrow, Wednesday, October 28, 2015 on the SC Boundary Program, specifically about the South Carolina/North Carolina Border survey and its impacts. The report will be presented at 6:22 AM, 8:22 AM and 5:20 PM....
Olympia-Granby Mill Village Museum

Olympia-Granby Mill Village Museum

Olympia-Granby Historical Foundation 701 Whaley St. Columbia, S.C. 29201     Dennis Johns, owner of Carolina Surveying Services, was recognized by the Olympia-Granby Museum for his contributions to making the dream a reality.  ...

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Carolina Surveying Services is located in the city of Lexington at the heart of the Midlands. Carolina Surveying serves the greater Columbia area and other locations throughout South Carolina including Lexington County, Richland County, Calhoun County, Orangeburg County, Sumter County, Fairfield County, Newberry County, Saluda County, Aiken County, and Kershaw County, SC.